School hours



​Daily routine / bell times

​​​Time​​​Allocated time​​​​​Action
​2 hoursInstruction
10.30am–11.00am30 minsPlay
10 mins​Eating
​11.10am–1.10pm2 hoursInstruction
​1.10pm–1.40pm30 minsPlay
10 minsEating
​1.50pm–2.40pm​50 mins​Instruction

Your child has a bett​er opportunity to succeed if they arrive at school on time to prepare for the school day.

​​​​Early arrival for school

Children should not arrive at school prior to 8:00am. If children arrive at school before 8.30am, they are expected to remain in their respective waiting areas. Parents are encouraged to ensure their children arrive at school by 8.30am.

​​Early departure from school

Parents/carers who wish to collect their child / children from school prior to 2.40pm must first report to the office to sign the child/children out. Parents/carers will need to collect children from their classroom. Administration staff are encouraged not to interrupt children's learning time by ringing classrooms or making announcements over the PA system.

​​​Late arrival for school

Children who arrive at school after 8.30am must report to the office to collect a late slip before going to their classroom.

​Student transfers

When a child is leaving the school, please notify the office so that a transfer certificate can be forwarded to the school to which the student is transferring.

​​Bus transport

Children travelling by bus are expected to comply with correct behaviour. Failure to do so or persistent misconduct can result in the child having to seek an alternative method of transport. Bus transport is provided free for primary school children provided they live more than 3.2km from the nearest school. The bus companies that service our school are Caboolture Bus Lines – 5495 4744 and Kangaroo Bus Lines – 5498 6466.Should you have any enquires regarding bus passes or services please give them a call.


Our preferred method of payment is to be made by the Qkr app. Cash is no longer accepted at the school or the tuckshop. Refund guidelines are attached to excursion letters – please take the time to read them. Request for refund forms must be received at the office no later than 2 weeks after the event. Morayfield State School P&C A​ssociation ratified that refunds of $5.00 or less are to be credited against the students account.

​Compulsory attendance – Every day counts

Regular attendance by each child is necessary for satisfactory progress to be made. Parents must assume the responsibility for the regular attendance of their children.

So that regulations under the Education Act are followed, parents are requested to provide a note of explanation or telephone the school on our absence line with an explanation regarding the child's absence. In the event of your child is absent for a period of 3 days without explanation, an absence letter with initial concerns of attendance will be posted home followed by the necessary procedures to ensure attendance. Where an unsatisfactory explanation of absenteeism is received from the parents/carer and truancy is apparent, the matter will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

We monitor unnecessary absenteeism carefully to ensure a student's opportunity to learn is not impaired by truancy.

Last reviewed 25 January 2023
Last updated 25 January 2023